You Are The Bain . . .

A poem about my relationship with a certain Mr. Hayashida.

You are the bain, Sir H. of my life,
Conniving your plans is what I fear.
Claim this then the other, what I hear,
Maintaining a witches brew for strife.

Welcome your mind, (insanity rife),
An action most undoubtedly queer.
For I do say you are wrong about life,
Then only hear a returning cheer.

So I of right mind will bear this strife,
And you Sir H. have made it quite clear,
To say the un-thought and fuel our fear.
I've seen it before in my brief life,
Your mind I wish I could gut by knife.
Take it as honor, resounding cheer.

By Evan Gunn Wilson

1 comment:

CDJT said...

Did you perhaps mean "You are the Bane"?

"Bain" is a surname, whereas "Bane" is the word you are looking for.