Gangsta Movie


Graeme and I made a movie today. We posted it on youtube for your viewing pleasure. Its a gangsta music video using a sweet Beck song. So it can only be considered totally awesome or totally gay. You pick.



I got me a job at Idaho's most interesting store, as of today. They'll call me I start so if you live here in Moscow, drop in and make fun of me in my uniform. All I know is its going to be way better than Applebees.


Just a one liner

Women are to men like chocolate is to women. They are trying to convince themselves that its good for them by saying its going to prevent heart disease but they will regret it.


Jazz Fest.

Well today is the day Bella (My moms jazz choir) competes to win. Wish us luck and I will let you people know how we did later today.



I saw the movie "Jumper". It was so-so. You can pretty much tell how they use their powers from the start of the movie. But the fighting was interesting. If you have seen tell me what you thought.


I need to not be so lame

In other words, I need to stop hanging out people my age. I noticed that I am just not as cool of a person when I hang out with the younger crowd. I simply just start acting my age when I am with them and then I get annoying. But I am less lame when I hang out with people that actually read my blog, wether you think I'm cool or not. Either way, I need to hang with you people even though you wouldn't want to. That is all.


I lost my dignity to some brats

As of about one hour ago myself and four other friends decided to go down to the gym on mountain view road. So we were shooting some hoops for about half an hour and my friend feeling very confident in his skill decided to ask some public school elementary kids if they wanted to play a game of basketball. They out numbered us probably by two. They declined at frist but about five minutes later they came back and accepted. Well at first we were thinking that we would destroy them. But is was just like the movies where the underdog team sucks so bad that they lose to to the girl scouts team. They had the ball first and within the first 10 seconds they made their first two points. It didn't get any better for us later. We got our butts handed to us. We like to blame it on the fact that we were out numbered and they were kind of playing like a brats grabbing the balls from our hands. But these kids know how to shoot. And we weren't at the top of our shooting game. The game ended probably something like 16-6 the Brats. But I probably lost the least amount of dignity out of my friends. As in I was the only one who made the three shots.

Its embarassing, but in the end I say to myself, "sure they can beat me at basketball, but I can still beat them up". When walking away with my head hung in shame, I still congragulated them on a good game. of course Ambrose bierce's definition for congragulations is, "-The civilty of envy"


Me and my not beard, and the winter wonders

So I shaved. Let me know if you like me better with or without facial hair.
This is the giant icycle thats supposed to happen every winter, but it hasn't been this big in a while. I can't remember seeing it this big.
This is the bigest I have seen this one get.

different angle.

I also have no school tommorow. Because of the ski trip my school was going to go on but it got canceled. I wasn't going to go either way.


My hero

Ben Folds is coming to the area for a concert at the Beasely. Now I need everyone to be on their best behavior on April 26, so you don't scare him away. I need to find out what it takes to get backstage passes so I can meet him and make a fool of myself. So if anyone knows how to get backstage passes, it would be great if I could know.