Atheist's Description of Love

E. Say good Chris, I have little unanswered,
But here is a topic of thought.
Some have it platonic others enamored;
What be Love? Your conclusion bought.
C. Dear Evan I see your search of truth,
'Tis well you came for unbiased mind.
The existence has no evidence, I see uncouth
Belief in it be for the simplest kind.
And so here is love from where I see;
Effect no senses, it shall never be.
E. But Kindest Chris, I love thee so
Supposedly, I'd seen it in action.
By many I met, in them it grows,
Who might loved first, 'tis gaining traction.
C. So be it now, to love is what you claim?
For now I'll take it as well.
Selfish wants for what people aim,
Pain and evil undeniably swell.
And so here is love from where I see;
For other's good, it shall never be.
E. Raw is the reason, Chris, I see it now,
Many inclined to you and steadfast stay,
But, I not yet to this idea bow.
With selfless love, how deal today?
C. Then be it not a selfish desire,
The discussions end is finally found.
Love is now chemicals, and none the higher;
In mind it controls, unfortunate bound!
And so here is love, from where I know,
In study of man, this science will grow.
E. Presently now given fool! You'll find any hole,
To avoid what I know, hammered in thy head.
I'll tell not thee of love, unless it's goal,
What say mind's love, for soon the body is dead.

And so here is love, outside of present poem,
It is our LORD, and should be our home.

-Evan G. Wilson



It was sitting few feet away on table,
Am reminded of earlier evening before.
To have what my friend had, now unable,
Five diminutive hundred sips in envy adore.

Emptied glass waste, not that want,
Though rich in label, but missing Refresco.
Look away and back again, the shell taunt;
In full it would be Medio Litro.

Two places alike, they do hold you there,
Somehow it's not worth venture in the night
If sanity I lose, shall descend all hair,
The urge and temptation will give me fight.

No! I'll deny this ill-begotten thought,
'Tis gone now and forever today.
In submissive attitude, the brain shall rot,
For patience wait, for sleep I'll lay.


Thus Spake Evanustra

In so far as the word “knowledge” has any meaning, the world is knowable; but it is interpretable otherwise, it has no meaning behind it, but countless meanings.—“Perspectivism.”

Every drive is a kind of lust to rule; each one has its perspective that it would like to compel all the other drives to accept as a norm.


Since most philosophies attempt to explain the universe without God, Nietzsche has already taken the presumed position that God is dead with this definition. His definition for perspectivism is nice and tidy and clever, but it leads people to nihilistic belief systems. Nihilism simply contradicts itself.

I am not completely convinced that Nietzsche was the primer for the world wars as others have said. It was likely they would have happened anyway without the help of him stating the obvious that men lust for power. People even took Nietzsches philosophy wrong if you believe that he did influence the wars. "Each one has its perspective". Sounds more like the argument for the Utopian civilization of tolerance of other views, rather than for war mongers. This really has one direction to take and that is towards nihilism where no real truth can be held by anyone because truth is non-existent. If say Hitler took this to heart, we would likely have a much different result.

Nietzsche cannot claim truth in his statements when he says things like "Each one has its perspective". Well my perspective differs far from his. Nietzsche was also considered insane by many, even from birth, which grew constantly. The proof for it is inconclusive but I see it likely.


Devotional Poem One

I wish for thee, O' righteous King,
To seek and find at where I sin.
'Tis ill belief that I am free of blame;
For a conscious fool, wise fools begin.

Gracious LORD I prithee show,
How one live with honor in mind.
In your grace I hope I'll grow,
As one who strays, I know you find.

Convenient loss of faith, it is so wrong,
Sin I'd see for now is best.
To reverence you shall make me strong,
In thy world my soul's a guest.

Sovereign Father, It is right that I should die;
Only more I'd be damned if I did not know.
Tho' correct I receive your wrath thereby,
But give mercy and love, not what you owe.

- Evan G. Wilson


Tobacco Parable #1

This could be the beginning of a series I am planning to continue on my blog. Hopefully I will keep writing them if I think they are not complete tripe.

By Evan G. Wilson

A youth, who had been taught with liberal ideals in the public schooling system, once started in discussion with his elder asking, "Father, what chemical is it that has you so high strung on cigars and pipes? If you love them so much I shouldn't be surprised if you create a religion for this addictive weed." The boy's father gave a long relaxed sigh as he reached into his cigar cabinet feeling for his Trinidad. "Son", he said in reply, "You have misconceived greatly as to why I smoke. To suggest I might convert to my own religion is silly, since my current already places tobacco at a level it deserves; and still it pleases me. Do you see it strange that I am content with Gods gifts?" The boy stood his same ground staring seemingly, blankly at the floor, though returned in saying, "Then why father is it you smoke? It seems not to be an enjoyable practice if not for the stimulant." The hoary headed sage stared directly into the boy's eyes to the point he could have claimed victory in the discussion without reply. To relieve the tension in the boy's quarter brain the man said, "If I should get anything, I should get wisdom, correct? During my day, from nine to five, I heap and gather very little so as to provide for you and and your Mother. The from five until I lay unconscious in my bed, even if I am unemployed in physical work, I am employed in great thought, by which the great muse of tobacco guides my spirit and mind, all while under the authority of god." The now slightly older youth had felt as though (being his father's son) he should not let down and continue to disagree. "Where did you pull this absurd philosophy from?" The boy said in acted dismay. "I thought of it all one day whilst smoking." as he said this he lit his Trinidad.


Quotes, Because Tacitus Said it Better Than I.

"Never was Rome more distracted and terror-stricken. Meetings, conversations, the ear of friend and stranger were alike shunned; even things mute and lifeless, the very roofs and walls, were eyed with suspicion"

-Tacitus, on the reign of Tiberius

"The lust of rule was more to him than his brother and his daughter and his heart was steeled to any wickedness. Still he spared his eyes the seeing them slain before his face."

-Tacitus, on the reign of Claudius