John Buchan - Mountain Meadow

I am going to start posting quotes of John Buchan's from his novels. I find Buchan as one of the greatest writers produced as far in history. He always chooses the best words to communicate the simple idea of which many writers fall short. Reading his work is comparable to listening to a rhythmically great guitar riff, backed by strong drums and steady bass line on loop, with addition of guitar licks here and there. And so I post some quotes from his last novel, Mountain Meadow.

This first quote is plainly his and my admiration for the Scots. How superior they are to the Irish. Scotland forever.

'Leithen did not reply. There was a stubborn, sagacious dutifulness in that bullet head, that kindly Scots face. and those steadfast blue eyes which was beyond argument.'

This next quote pertains to my last to posts about dying standing up. If you must die (and you must) die boldly and nobly.

'"If I find Lew and his gun finds me, well, that's that. There is just the odd chance that I may persuade him to be reasonable and bring him back here, and that is a chance I'm bound to take. Don't you worry about me. for I tell you I'm taking the easiest way. Since I've got to die, I want to die standing."
Johnny held out his hand. "You got me beat, mister. Lew and myself ain't reckoned timid folk, but for real sand there's not your like on this darned continent."'

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