More on child raising

I'm going to start this one off by saying; Jason, if I find one comment on the fact that I am 16 and how it's funny that I am saying this stuff, you would be gay. Here we go.

Some people refuse to spank their child because they think its child abuse. Here is why its not child abuse. When you spank your child, you might think that the kid will hate you. But, in all cases the child will cling to you for comfort. Seems strange, I know. But heres why they would. In its early years, a child has nothing to rely on except its parents. It has no ownership of anything. And so it can only turn to you, the spanker, to receive love and care, even though you just painted its cheeks red.

Of course you can wait to start punishing your child when he is heading into is teen years. That is when your child has an actual personality and has a greater degree of ownership over their own life and possesions. But they are obviously to large to spank, so you would probably ground them. But because they are in their rebelious years they have an easier time finding a loop hole. they could go to their friends house by climbing out a window or by whatever means possible. They just simply have more options to resort to rather than the people who just made them angry.

It is also a common misconception for parents to think that if they spank their child they are
teaching them to "hit". If this were true, which it isn't, all you do is spank them when their hitting is getting out of hand or annoying and tell them that if they keep hitting things or people that you will spank them again.

And that is how you should handle spanking your child, so you don't have to be grounding them ineffectively later in their lives. I am a great example of this. My parents spanked me, and I love them and think they are awesome.


Silver Wood

This is me with ketchup in my mouth riding on Tremors a couple summers back. Just revisiting my good sentimental memories. I hope you enjoy it.


More with my good friend Stalone.

So I have concluded I do agree with Sylvester Stallone's statement in the previous post, "War will happen naturally, and peace comes by accident". But I would like to add more to the philosophy.

Some people would think, "No, if you work hard enough you can create peace". The problem there is that will always take negotiating. When a mother wants peace in her house because her child is crying about everything, she can either negotiate with the child by giving it what it wants and have it notice it that it can get everything it wants by crying then the crying never stops. Or if you take child and spank it till the day is old then it realizes that if it continues to cry, it gets spanked.

So if we try to negotiate to peace and it happens, it wont stick. There is always some one there to cry or drop bombs. Or if you make it know that America can kick its sorry butt any day of the week it will stop.

Any thoughts on how to raise your child or run a country?


interview with Sylvester Stalone

Stalone was being interviewed on Fox news today. Mostly about Rambo 4, which I cannot wait to see. But I heard one of the most smart and annunciated things I've heard from him which I think I might agree on. His quote was, "War will happen by nature, and peace only happens by accident". I do believe he is a republican, because he said Rambo was one. But I enjoyed hearing that from him.


In addition. . .

to the post below, I discovered that someone drove a spike into davises tire on the honda civic. It might have been the same person who stole my ipod but obviously someone does not like me.


I feel naked

I got my ipod stolen. It was sitting right outside of my house in my car. So someone walking by in the suburbs walks by my car and sees it. Having no decency they steal it right from under my nose. Gay


For my lovely sister

Well, as I type this it is my sisters Birthday, and she is now 24 years of age. below is a poem to her I have not thought ahead to write earlier. So it will suck and and by jason standards, it will be gay. but she asked me to.

with never ending curls of soul
one would check up on the table round
stu boys just don't seem to get it
this Michal Michal motorcycle
The finalization of a jazz cd
up and close and beautious
surely hangs with the coolest
and hot chocolate arms with her three.
suddenly out from the blues
comes spontaneous strange noises
to be the only sister
she is the only one to hug.
Happy birthday littol sistol
I have one last thing to say
to be in safety with lynae
is the best way to live.


Constantly Thankful: Hey, a more thinky post

As of a couple years ago I have been realizing how great of a blessing it is for me with the way I live. Top four things I am mostly thankful for.

-A christian family that is "with it".
-A father that is always able to give me a greater understanding.
-My brother Graeme being my best friend.
-And the Lords mercy (an obvious given).

As I am getting older and older it really does show how lucky I am to have grown up the way I have. Looking at my Fathers situation, he had a lot of the same benefits as I have, but with the spirtual belief differences between my father and uncle, it makes me appreciate Graeme so much more.

Having the "with it" christian family is also a great blessing. For one; no matter how much my father makes fun of the youth right in front of them, they all still think he is as awesome as a youth leader. Davis is a New York, well dressed lawyer. Michal is a jazz singer. Graeme is an enlisted rollerblader, and is known as one of the cool people at the skate park, no matter how much he tries to witness to the skate rats.

My father said he had practically won the lottery on life, and I feel like I have received the same. In all its quite redundant but knowing who I am, I know I don't really deserve a lot of this. It is a great example of Gods glory.



This is me testing out the video feature on blogger, and showing you some breakdancers Graeme and I ran into when we were in Hollywood.


Another video

Go check this skate section from our video, "As others see us". Its Graemes first section. Yes he has two parts in the video. But dude, he does a 900, if you care. There should be another link to his second part on the page.