stab at my own kind

I noticed that if you are a teenage male motorist, everyone else on the road is at least going 10 mph below you. If you are breaking the speed limit or you're just exaggerateing the situation. Were idiots but shame is a part of growing up.



I learned how to ride a unicycle. What are the lady possibilities with unicycles. I've heard mixed comments on the matter but I'd thought that I would get your peoples opinions



I was unwillingly signed up for the battle of the bands at the Nuart this saturday. I'm drumming, and I'm not exactly a great drummer. But basically my friend signed himself up with another drummer but the drummer realized he didn't want to do it, so now I'm doing it for him. Wish me luck that I don't completely screw up.

And also I have a piano recital the day right after so wish me luck on that one.