Graeme and I got to talking to some of them a while back. We gave them our numbers, so we might end up talking to them again. Don't worry they won't be converting us but I highly doubt we will convert them. I think mormons have been trained to deny and not believe anything that would prove them wrong. But we might be able to do something. If you people have any suggestions on what to say when whatever part of their religion they are talking about, I would be more than happy to here.


I can die now

Second time seeing Ben Folds is checked off. It was amazing, for the people who like him. now I am buying some more of his piano books, so maybe i can dream of being as good as him.


today is eventfull

Graeme had decided to buy a play station 3, and I got a cellphone. my number (if you want it) is 208-301-4886.



I don't know how many people have seen a motivation poster, but its a poster with a pretty picture and a cute saying underneath it. There is a website that does the opposite and makes demotivation posters. These things are absolutely brilliant. Like a modern Ambrose Bierce. Here is a link to see all of these postershttp://www.despair.com/viewall.html.


pure misfortune

A couple days ago Graeme and I were throwing the frisbee in our back yard. Graeme threw it to me and as I jumped for it my arms had not extended far enough to maintain a solid grasp. The frisbee went right threw my hands and hit me in the face. I only cried for twenty minutes. Later, one of the two cuts I received from it turned into a pimple. I'm sick of being a teenager. I thinks its foundational law is murphy's law.


tommorow. . .

I have to wake up at 6:30 to go and take the ACT. Not excited about that. Also, after 4 hours of filling bubbles I get to prepare myself for the "Montrose Spring Fete". Time to not go put all that information to use, that my father has given to and has been trying to comunicate to me all these years. I'm just saying this in case any of you, on the off chance, wanted to hang out tommorow because I can't. I know, you will be lonely without me around.


this just made up for us not going to the barn burner

Graeme recieved a message from a youtube account that a group of pro-rollerbladers are coming through to pullman for a tour of skating in which they will release a video with. Along with this news they also asked him (noticing he was from this area) if he would be able to show them around this area for skate spots. So Graeme soiled himself. Great news for us indeed. Jason if you can't understand why we are excited about a bunch of no namers, imagine if metalica were coming to town to hang out with you and they were an underground band. Its that rad for us.