the snow

I'm not in seattle right now because of it. We didn't have snow tires for the car so we can't all go and see the pros and have guy time. But we are going to try and make up for it in the future when the weathers is nice. I don't think I have ever been in so much dislike of the snow.


Barn Burner

I have found out today that Graeme, Nate Olson and I will be going to Seatle this weekend to go to the biggest skate (rollerblading) competition, called the "Barn Burner", in the U.S.. I am extremely excited to do this because. . .

1. Graeme is an extremely nice guy and offered to pay for my expenses for otherwise I would not be able to go.

2. I get to see the best skating in my life and we'll probably get to record a lot of it and put it in our next video for a sweet section.

3. We will get to see a bunch of pros. This is like the red carpet for us.

4. Guy time.

So I am anticipating this great event and Graeme even more. We don't leave until friday but it is to awesome not tell people about. Once again, Graeme is rad.

On another note Graeme has a cell phone, so ask him for his number if you like him enough.


Quote from a movie

I just saw a side advertisement a second ago for an artist being feature on itunes named Herbie Hancock. I mention this because I want to see how many people know why in the world I mention this, because it is not John Hancock.


"This Contains" trailer

So our next skate video, "This Contains", is under way. But do to a new editing program we are going to spend a lot more time on this one. Here is a link to a trailer.



Being real

I have this friend who is way too concerned about being real. If you don't know what I mean, I'm trying to say he wants to let people know he is his own person with his own identity and he is not trying to be anybody else. What he doesn't get is that its not about having your own seperate identity. When was it bad to try to be someone who appears to have a good life plan? I believe that being real is being a gentleman. comments anybody?