Yes? No? Maybe?

Be. That is the answer. So quit your whinning, pick up a shovel and dig yourself out of the manure that you have been wallowing in.

It is things like this that I want to yell at people who are having episodes of self doubt. To provide answers for their questions and shaming them for not arriving at a conclusion earlier. Luckily, I do not do this. But I do day dream. What I notice is people's convenient evasion of truth and/or answers; consequently they end up looking feaux deep like a bunch of pot smokers sitting silent until one speaks, "Dude, what if we weren't really here." And they say, "Oooo! That's deep man." I say explore the question. Is the premise valid? Arrive at at least a conclusion for yourself. But wait it gets worse. Perhaps, some of the more clever philosophers explore these questions and do make conclusions. But their only real answer is "maybe". To quote Doug Wilson - All philosophers rejoice in the pursuit of truth; so long as they agree to never find it. Probably since the Milesians philosophers have made attempts to explain the world without the use of God. You could take this as a dare from one of your friends or a fun challenge. But, even earlier in History man realized that the effort is pointless and nonsensical. Straight up impossible. And so the fad of "maybe" philosophy caught on. The nature of fads is that they are hip and cool and widely accepted by the populace. Widely accepted because it makes people feel comfortable, and gives them high self esteem. This is all a fear of obligation. A fear the we have broke, as Lewis calls it, the Law of Nature. In Lewis' Case For Chrsitianity he lays it out that there is a truth in existence and since you exist in it you are responsible to abide by it. Of course this is just one of my ramblings on the nature of man's sin, but I cannot stress enough; there are such things as important questions and they must be regarded to have answers other than a relaxed dodging "maybe".

On a side note, the unimportant questions link up nicely to the important ones . . . . . like politics. If I get anything, I'll get insight.

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