I was reading Time magazine, and there was an artical about how smoking appears in hollywood films. People are saying that smoking should not be used in movies because it might influence their children to take up smoking. This quick and simple. Don't take your children to see these movies! Its the parents responsebility to decide what their children watch. Not the movie directors. Its not their fault. Nor is it the smoking companies. There is also a anti-smoking comercial on t.v. that points out the fact that when a muppets movie used smoking in it that it also would appeal to children. The only reason kids start smoking is not because they buy the cigarettes but because you let them hang out with the kids who can get a hold of them. So I blame the parents who let their children get to that stage. Haven't you seen those commercials on t.v. about talking to your children about not doing stuff you don't want them to do? Its not hard. Quit blaming things that are your fault on the "evil" corporations.


Me and my stupid opinions

I should first start off by saying, its not that I don't like myspace, I just thought how redeeming it would feel if I deleted it....and it feels good.
There are a lot of posers out there who aren't just trying to do physically awesome stuff but also mentally awesome stuff. I'm thinking of kids my age who have "opinions". They are ones who figured out that thinkers are appreciated. so they go out and make up a bullcrap opinions about recent events in our world or religion. They shouldn't do that. They are only 14-18 years of age. Chances are they haven't had enough experience to form an opinion. You might say, "But Gunn, you are 15 years old to and you have opinions." Actually, no I don't. I have gotten most of my opinions from my father, because he is smart and has 52 years of experience. He has opinions that make sense. I will admit right now that I have been dumb enough to form an opinion immediately when I just hear of a subject. I obviously had chosen the wrong side of the matter. Thats how stupid we are. We don't even think about it. We just try and make it up as we go. This kind of leads up to what might be called a spiritual show off. They're are usually young christians and their "opinions". In bible language they would be called a pharisee. All it really comes to is this. Don't do it. Its lame.
If there is something I didn't mention, please let me know. I'm new at this blog thing.

Icky Thump

These are my reasons for appreciating the music that The White Stripes produce. For those of whom have listened to their new single "Icky Thump" you realized that you either really like or really dislike the White Stripes. For those who dislike, your reason might be that Meg Whites Drumming is the worst you ever heard. Actually its not because bad drumming comes from someone who has no rythmn. Meg keeps the beat, but its a simple and heavy one. Others might say that it is disorganized. If you don't like it because of that you are overreacting. Its not disorganized. It has awesome riffs. Even if it was disorganized, that shouldn't get in the way of the music.
For those of you who like it, your awesome.

here I am

So I finally got a blog and now I am probably going to delete my myspace. I know I have a lot to live up to with my dad and Davis, but I'll be ok. Just a note: I probably won't be posting as often as davis or my dad.