The band is from the 90's? Well they must be good!

no. just because they are from a time you weren't alive in doesn't make the new album they came out with good. And also just because they aren't a band anymore or the lead singer died of overdose doesn't make them good and you aren't cool for knowing that. I know Twisted Sister wasn't from the 90's but anyway, don't buy their new album because they suck. This probably does not apply to a lot of the people who read this but itdoe s apply to people in my generation.



everyone should check out the band Psychostick. The are in the genre of heavy metal but they sing about halarious things. I know you may now think that their tunes are weak but they actually quite good. And I know you may think that I'm only saying that because I think they are funny but they really do put out rad riffs. I recomend you listen to "In a band to get chicks"


A point against soccer

Gangster rappers can rap about basketball and football. But do you think they could rap about soccer?

With a quick conclusion, Soccer has no street cred, which makes it not cool.