I'm probably a loser for this

I changed My blog title. And yes it is another name to a bands album that I really like. And I will probably start arguements with you on why you should like this band and I will get all critical........Jason.


They aren't your band

Why is it that a lot of my friends, in my generation, favorite music is in the 90's in which they were not very aware and claim to be long time listeners to it especially when it isn't good 90's music? Oh yeah, they are called posers. Yes I am talking about people who just started listening to Nirvana and already have all their cds.


Hey! No! You're wrong!

This blog is to most of the people who replied on Joshes blog about the new white stripes album. You all sound like music snobs. I believe that Icky Thump is a superb album. I think you are either overreacting about the tunes or the drumming, or you don't to be caught liking the track that uses bag pipes. I thought I already explained this. Meg whites drumming isn't obviously the best in the world but it gets the job done and is simple and heavy. AC/DC has simple drums and same for Metalica sometimes. I think people are afraid to say they actually liked the song with bag pipes. I admit that even though I despise the genres of punk and mainstream rap I still do enjoy the occasional one, because it was fairly good. You are all just caught up in the music you are all about and don't want other music genres being good.

Please place whinning below.



This is just a reminder. It isn't wrong to discriminate people for something they can change. If we don't let non-christians live in our boarding house it isn't a bad thing, because they are able .to change that. If we didn't let black people live in our home that would be bad discrimination, because its something they aren't able to change. there is a pattern to this.


Punk lyrics

I have made up the typical punk lyrics and so I thought I should post them on here.

Sleep all day and stay up all night.
Parents don't understand.
I wish I could runaway with you!

So just be yourself!
Be yourself!
Be yourself!

The sun is setting on your face.
Sometimes I wish I was in your place.
I feel like I've been dissed by your other friends!

So just be yourself!
Be yourself!
be yourself!

the world is crashing down on me.
What the F*** is responsebility.
down on me!

So just be yourself!
Be yourself!
Be yourself!

So thats it. If you didn't catch what I was trying to say, I hate punk music and mostly the lyrics.


I didn't get it

So I am in a summer play, that I didn't want to do but am doing it for friends who didn't want to be alone. Just for the record. But we will be performing the play "Much Ado About Nothing". People tell me that this is supposed to be a comedy. I don't doubt them but any highschool student who claims that they laughed really hard at it, better be really smart. This appears to be a tragedy. All the jokes have to be made sense by our play director, and they tend to be minor and insignificant jokes. I just want to say to everyone as a reminder, "Don't be a poser". Don't just say you understand. Because, I know I don't and you don't either. You should only be allowed to say you understand it if you are really smart, or you life has been dedicated to the Shakespearean Era.


Good song

I forgot how good of a song One Headlight by The Wallflowers was. I'm not a very good analyst but it sounds like a song of morals at one point. But good. Not like Nickelbacks new song like Davis had explained for us. If anyone wants to explain what this song is about so it totally ruins what my thoughts are.


Listening to Nirvana

is like listening to a lawn mower. Just thought I'd throw that out there to see how many angry comments I get back. Really, I don't know why I don't like them, so someone should try and help me out here.