Reasons for Being Republican

Ulysses Grant gave a speech after his two terms were finished clearly titled "Reasons for being Republican". It is a short speech so therefore it was easy for me to read and post something about it.

So I would like to reiterate some of his ideas in his speech into my my own political philosophy. Grant starts by saying at least in his time that the democratic party treated anyone who was not a democrat like Satan. This is not some sort argument why the democrats are wrong. grant was not saying they were wrong because they were "big meanies". But he does say this is a reason he is a republican. He was continually sickened by the treatment he got while in office by the blue states, and noticed the difference in treatment that democrats received from republicans. Though republicans do have the easy route to avoiding the poor treatment since they tend to be such adamant believers in free speech. I would just hate to see the republican party diminish to an ignorant state of denial and proscription, even though we are still look at as the ignorant of other beliefs party, we should at least know ourselves that we are not.

"But I am a Republican for many other reasons. The Republican party assures protection to life and property the public credit, and the payment of the debts of the government, state, county, or municipality, so far as it can control." This quote by Grant would sound like any other politician trying to say agreeable things, but the end part separates it from being that. He says, ". . . So far as it can control". The simple democrat solution for upholding all these virtues is to just control as much as possible and nothing bad will happen. Republicans are aware that no matter what people are evil and will do evil thing regardless what rules are set before them. So they conclude to give us more freedoms so as to protect and work for ourselves, when the government might not be able.

Now the Democratic party will tell you that it is for these things whether they are really aiming for that outcome they consequently ". . . discourage all these when in absolute power". Republicans will be separated from Dems by two simple concepts. Dems believe in equality of outcome whereas reps believe in equality of opportunity. Democrats say that we are putting the poor down with our capitalistic system. The only reason the poor are poor is because they a subjected to a form of lazyiness one way or another. They themselves have put themselves there when they found found out someone else is better than them at making money. If someone is better than them at making money in a certain area they had better start finding a different profession in order to provide. It is as simple as saying quit whinning and get some work done. its not like they can't get payed; unless of course they created a bad name for themselves but that ends up as there fault. Grant said of the republican party, "It encourages the poor to strive to better there children, to enable to compete successfully with their more fortunate associates, and, in fine, it secures an equality before the law of every citizen, no matterwhat his race, nationality, or previous condition. Every one has the opportunity to make himself himself all he is capable of."

I suggest that you read the actual speech by Ulysses Grant. These in depth distinctions have been around for longer time than one might suspect.