There is no such thing

as complete inconsistency.....I think. I haven't thought about it long enough but this is what I lean to.

If you are suppsedly, completely inconsistent in everything then that makes you consistent in your inconsistencey. I hope you understand what I'm trying to comunicate.


Rad lyric

This lyric is from a White Stripes song called Catch Hell Blues. I recomend that you check the song out. I just think this is one of the coolest lines I've heard from a song. And tthe rest of you should think so too.

If you're getting tricky, lying to yourself, you're gonna catch hell.

And if you're testing God, and lying to his face, you're gonna catch hell.


Why do they got to be like this

There is something different about private school teachers from public school ones. They always have tighter rules and one of them always seems to have something out for you. My guess is that because they teach at a place that gives a better education, they think to themselves that they can never be wrong. They wont admit that they were defeated by a student of theirs, and had to realize who is really right. I'm not talking about all of them but I am speaking of a few of my teachers. I will admit that most of the time they are right in these contraversies but they think they are always right and don't even acknowledge that you have something to say. I realize that you are reading this and thinking to yourself that this kid is only 16 so of course he is going to have something negative to say about his teachers, but I believe its the truth.

Matt and Josh and Mr. Wilson, if you are reading this, it not you because youare all cool.


the youth has it backwards

Emo white children wear mostly black clothes, with their paley white skin. Black gangstas like to wear pearly white clothes with their......black.....ness. both are iditioc groups.


I'm thinking Arby's

just because you own a local resturaunt doesn't mean your food is better than the corporations. Making it with love doesn't change a thing. First I tried the french dip at Arby's and commended them for a job well done. Then I tried the french dip at Lefty's and it was not so good. I will leave it at that.

When people start a resturaunt, with a secret family recipe for one of their soups, they shouldn't. There is a reason it is a secret family recipe. Because only the family will like it.

When it comes to mexican local resturaunts, its like their mindset is, "More cheese makes everything better!" And so they pile on about a pound of cheese for every burrito. I hope you see my point.