Evan G. Wilson - On Truth

In today's culture. inclusive of the Christians, we have a knack for over using, devaluing and demeaning our words, that once before meant so much. A quick and easy example is the word "awesome". We use it so lightly and frequently; likely as an attempt to make ourselves appear as though we are really that great. Consequently, we aren't that great and we have become posers by the mere suggestion in the usage of the word " awesome". But I am not in writing to make the distinction between the Grand Canyon and yourself. I have sited this despicable and frequent misuse of language so that we may venture to the lesser known (and just as despicable and frequent) misuse of the word "Truth"

You may be thinking right now, "Gunn, are you suggesting that our culture is confusing truth with falsehoods?" No, that is not what I mean to say, though it would be easy to argue. I am in belief that we have forgotten the magnificent definition of truth and the great concept that it is. I find in even our remotely shallow sub-cultures, that when they hear the word "truth" they only think, "not the lie". Although, they are correct to think so, they are only putting truth in their life one small step above a falsehood. Like I had mentioned before they have forgotten it's complete definition. Truth as an idea should be regarded as something so much more significant and grand. I see it as the relationship between God and man. When we admit and repent of our sins we have acknowledged how small and trivial we are compared to God, which is vast beyond our minds. We don't look at Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, as some virtuous pagan that did not say anything we didn't agree with. We know Christ as God and never having wronged his fellow human. With truth it is treated as a virtuous pagan or a collection of truisms.

DISCLAIMER: I do not suggest we start worshiping truth as a god. Besides, why should we worship truth when we already worship the highest truth bearing agent, void of false witness. ". . . .But no pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage ground of truth." How great truth is! It not just the information preferred over the false information; it is the clear and only option that gives no excuse for doubt, for who would suggest that you argue against truth. A man given small and simple truths may become a correcter of the trivial, but the man given ultimate truth becomes a leader and perhaps sage. Those with absolute truth appear as though they were working a mojo or clairvoyance, that he may not be able to explain himself.

We who are short of truth only look as fools, with suggestions of our own realities or preconceived notions. It really is too bad when people are not set out to find absolute truth. It comes down to whatever most convenient reality set before them agrees with their relative truth.


Magnus Est Morte

In honor of my Grandmother, on the day she went to see the Lord.

Fulfill your days, don't tread in fear,
Brace for troubles to come.
Though wisdom grim, be what we hear,
Take it faith, with skip and hum.

That depressive word! construct with fire,
Shall futility be futile itself?
We cannot encase, protect or put higher;
But tangibles put on thy shelf.

Evasion! thy useless and pre-bent tips,
We wager zero to many in prolonged fight.
Lay down your soul, forgetting your fits,
What matter thy Condition, so the heart be right.

By Evan Gunn Wilson