An Ex-Lover's Lament and Hope

Bring your beer and bring your smokes,
Sing, "Sally, she was good to me!"
And if you hear our ribald jokes,
Sing, "She brought out the worst in me!"

For we all have a Sally, and a Sally swell,
A pretty peach, unruly cute.
Whether a Northern brick, or a Southern bell,
She loved this ugly brute.

With her, our weekends were void of pain,
Always she was nearby.
Best she left so as to leave me sane,
Ignore the glutton's cry.

Ah, Sally!  Why?  Naive you tried!
To come when I had called.
But every sigh was a bald face lie,
She hit the lover's wall.

That wall endured for only a time,
But Sally wore thin and fine.
Had I bought her for only a dime,
Still warranted not to be mine.

I gripped to hard and nothing left,
But wisdom to accept.
Now Sally is with a better man,
Denied desire and from her ran.

Be excellent too, primarily wise,
Walk with a gentleman's grace.
And Sally who?  Powerless eyes,
Her staring admiring face.

By Evan Gunn Wilson