These following quotes are those from Tacitus (One of our most fantastic ancient historians) and his analytical document of the German people during the reign of Emperor Trajan. He described the societal mind set of the German peoples, and he mentions frequently his admiration for them. I am on board with Tacitus. As great as the Roman empire was, it was their the affluence that makes its citizens less concerned for common law. As in America we have lost our sense of honor and nobility, because our false exaltation of ourselves. We think we have rights to be any way we want. The ancient Germans, though they were not a prosperous people, were an effective people. And so I find myself longing for a large land war to re-instill that loyalty that we lost during the enlightenment. So here are the excerpts that stuck out for me as ideals that I know we could never have in today's society, but thought I would point them out anyway.

It stands on record that armies already wavering and on the point of collapse have been rallied by the women, pleading heroically with their men, thrusting forward their bared bosoms, and making them realize the imminent prospect of enslavement - a fate which the Germans fear more desperately for their women than for themselves. - Tacitus

The woman must not think that she is excluded from aspirations to manly virtues or exempt from the hazards of warfare. That is why she is reminded, in the very ceremonies which bless her marriage at its outset, that she enters her husbands home to be the partner of his toils and perils, that both in peace and in war she is to share his sufferings and adventures. -Tacitus
Them dang liberals giving women rights that don't exist. Ephesians teaches this sort of stuff and even the pagans, with their Wotan Tree worship, had this one figured out. The woman marries to become a servant to her husband in return for security. Women, until they marry, are in a constant peril or danger. They lack confidence about tomorrow, and the husband is there to fix that. It has also worked that way for centuries, and even though I not big on tradition, this aspect cannot be argued with.

The Germans do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to confine gods within walls or to portray them in the likeness of any human countenance. Their holy places are woods and groves, and they apply the names of deities to that hidden presence which is seen only by the eye of reverence. -Tacitus
This is a put down for anybody out there who revel in their icons or holy places (Caleb). Though it is not a direct translation to Christianity, the point is that reverence is not a thing made, it is a thing had, once you have faith.

They have in fact no mercy on a wife who prostitutes her chastity. Neither beauty, youth, nor wealth can find her another husband. No one in Germany finds vice amusing, or calls it 'up-to-date' to seduce and be seduced. -Tacitus
Dang commies, Catholics, Fascists, Socialists, Atheists, Naturalists, Post-modernists and . . . . . . . bad people. Letting the world be bad and stuff. Lets execute some discipline. I am sure anyone reading this could agree.

In every home the children go naked and dirty, and develop that strength of limb and tall stature which excite our admiration. Every mother feeds her child at the breast and does not depute the task to maids or nurses. The young master is not distinguished from the slave by any pampering in his upbringing. -Tacitus
I wish I was there . . . . . My Mother was much like this in my upbringing and I bless her for it.

The more relatives and connections by marriage a man has, the greater authority he commands in old age. There is nothing to be gained by childlessness in Germany. -Tacitus
Make babies America! One of them will get rich, and then it is your money too! OK, maybe not to that extent, but this just tickles my notion of expanding your borders as a man. More Glory please.

They play at dice - surprisingly enough - when they are sober, making a serious business of it; and they are so reckless in their anxiety to win, however often they lose, that when everything else is gone they will stake their personal liberty on a last decisive throw. A loser willingly discharges his debt by becoming a slave: even though he may be the younger and stronger man, he allows himself to be bound and sold by the winner. Such is their stubborn persistence in a vicious practice - though they call it 'honor'. Slaves of this description are disposed of by way of trade, since even their owners want to escape the shame of such a victory. -Tacitus
Slavery has it's place. It is not all bad or racist. It takes care of people who cannot pay their debts. Also, it is a much better learning experience than bankruptcy since it shames the man much more effectively, so that he wont make the mistake again; aside from the fact that he probably wont have the opportunity to make that mistake again.

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Oh, to live in a time when Life was cherished and accepted. We moderns are so foolish and vain!