I Threatened to Post the Argument . . .

. . . . of an internet debate between an Atheist and a Christian. I wont. That would be mean, because I would use their actual names if I did.

The most painful parts of these debates is that both sides usually use the same arguments that we have heard a million times before. Also, no one is ever convinced of anything. No Christian likes to be told that the leader they follow is just a delusion and no Atheist likes to be told they are going to Hell for their actions. We holdfast to our home teams and tend to not hear a single word that our opponents utter. But here I will attempt to dissect our two parties and find out what makes them tick. I have no idea where this will take me.

Christian: What is the appeal of Christianity as a religion? 1) It promises eternal life. 2) It creates a social standing. 3) It has made morals for you so you don't have to come up with your own. 4) For any nerds out there it has great mythology. 5) It has pretty effective explanations for the universe.

The Christian mind is full of all of these stories that they remember and regurgitate when amongst other Christians. Why do they hold on to these inane stories? Well, it makes them appear Holy. The word holy is loosely translated as a description for something or someone that has been set apart from the rest. What a fantastic way to be seen by the masses as someone who is set apart. It appeals to the gnostic notion of becoming completely spiritual with the pleroma. Whatever religion it is that you belong if you are one of the few to do such it is a massive stroke of the ego. And hence social standing comes to Christians.

Christianity appeals to those who are lethargic to ethics. As soon as they have been "wronged" they get to point out the evil of the action by the authority of an omnipotent God. You cannot beat an omnipotent God in an argument; which is one reason why Christians can be so hard to make Atheists. Once you make an omnipotent God it is hard to unmake him. That is of course if we Christians are really "making up" the God.

The mythology just fills in a lot of unknown history.

Christians are able to point out to themselves that a creation needs a creator; and I am not saying that Atheists don't have this figured out for themselves, but Christians were able to approach the question more confidently. They have explained to us time and time again that the omnipotent God is eternal and therefore has never not been in existence. And so this stops the "where-did-that-come-from" question dead in its tracks.

In short, everything for the Christian is suddenly explained. An Atheist may make a joke along the lines of, "No thinking required".

But there are so many things that makes Christianity look so bad. Let me list them.
1. The Crusades
2. The inner workings of the Catholic Church
3. The horrible stuff done in the Bible that is supposedly encouraged.
4. The Intolerant Christians
5. Me.

With so many bad things about, the non-Christians demand an explanation. How can the Christian agree to any of this? Well, we shall merely suppose that either the Christians are either the dumbest people on earth or the smartest. Christians may be in so much denial that we cannot except that we could ever be wrong or we have dissected the matter so effectively that we cannot possibly find ourselves to be wrong for being so right.

Sadly, the idea of Christianity is not about being intellectual. It is about denying oneself to obtain a relationship with God. It is not our concern to argue about the systematic. And so I will leave it there have the reader meditate for themselves regarding Christianity.

Atheist: What is the appeal of Atheism? 1) The freedom to do as one pleases himself. 2) No fear for the after life.

Atheists are such delightful people. They never will reproach a homosexual. Consequently, they believe in a relative moral code. They run solely on social morals of the times and nothing more. But they are left in an awkward position. The Atheist is famed for opposing the morals of the Christian and any other religion. But how can they with relative theory? They have a hard time claiming that anything is right or wrong without being imposing of their morals. This is not to say that they cannot be right about their morals. Perhaps they are the ultimate source of ethics. We cannot yet tell them no. Otherwise it becomes a battle of opinions of equal gods.

The Atheist has removed the worry of Heaven and Hell from their lives. And when do we need to worry? This world is the only one we get. Kind of a sad concept, but the Atheists maintain a stoic attitude about it. But this leaves a question unanswered. Where did this world come from? I will not get into all of the theories, but they do an alright job at creating some of their own myths. These myths usually involve saying that A came from B and B came from C and so on and so forth until they push back their explanation to saying that it was some really powerful aliens that created everything or something called the "God Particle" that exploded in to the big bang. This all ends with a world created out of nothing without reason into something that has apparent reason.

So, we have two world views and by my former statements to be honest I am sure Atheism seems more appealing. But I implore you all to consider why it is that a Christian is a Christian and an Atheist is an Atheist. They likely did not chose these beliefs because it was the closest thing to grab, but rather intense thinking and analyzing. Believe at your own risk.

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