Socrates, and Those Who Quote Socrates.

I cringe and you irk me with pain,
To have this context lost.
To say 'tis right to love, leave gain,
Than not to have the cost.

But say will you wait once and stay,
Explain away this thought?
You seem to never tell by way,
Avoid the question brought.

I've heard so many of all cliches,
"Die before dishonor".
But uttered in the critic's fray,
Pre-sumpt filed a goner.

Again I pray, you stick around,
You have not told me yet,
What it is that knowledge you found,
On which you always bet.

"Those who do not learn from hist'ry,
Are doomed to repeat."
At best it is a truism,
A proof that's not complete.

And so I ask you do not pass,
A chance to question brothers,
Who have not seen, they always gass,
The quotes of all the others.

By Evan Gunn Wilson

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