O, Lover Dear

O, Lover Dear, to you I've been lead,
But in your presence will I not loom?
For of the lines of Sir Walter I've read,
As "forego me now, come to me soon".

Day by day, it is a meager distance,
But medium path evades tiring room.
So for Raleigh I will give no resistance.
To "forego me now, come to me soon".

Our love is soft as artist's clay,
But I will harden to be thy groom.
As the process slow I'll not delay,
To forego you now come to you soon.

To awaken love now it shall not pleaseth,
Till after awhile a delightful tune.
As like the gentleman I may easeth,
After: Forego love now, come to love soon.

Think separate of your lover's joy,
To bring home provision as man not boy.
As thy mind drifts toward fantasy,
Checks of reality creates the real: He.

As Dear lies awake in midst of night,
Wisdom comforts in soft delight.
Fretting not at dangers to come,
But content in this, whats peril to some.

Remember thy man as a warrior, by God,
As I am returning for admiration and laud.
Though the metaphor has much hyperbole,
I do it for you my queen, my She.

He may die by a tragic cause,
Mourn for him with vociferous applause.
But if he live by comedic error,
Praise your God for this light terror.

Build for him an ordered home,
So he may write a lengthy poem.
But in dirt poverty on our bellies crawl,
We'll continue loving to avoid the brawl.

If in traits is coming short,
In husbandry or in his court,
Pray conviction I'll suffer long,
I'll love you more to admit a wrong.

But all I've said I speculate,
I may forget or love thee great.
And in Raleigh's truth, a tome, a rune,
"Forego me now, come to me soon."

By Evan Gunn Wilson

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