Its been too long

Last night, I was playing some ultimate frizbee and I got two nasty cuts/scrapes. It has been a long time since I have had cuts this bad. So long that I complained a lot about them because I forgot what pain felt like. Or other explanations would be that these cuts stung way more than normal, or I am just a complete wuss. There is no point to this story, but I will say that the closer I have been getting to be senior, and so closer to being a college student, I have grown to really like ultimate frizbee. Its spreading like a sickness.


RespectMyAuthorita said...

dont be a fag. This is the type of things fags write. You have a blog to inform people of things that are rad. You dont inform people of how gay you feel or how you got a little boo boo on your leg.

Evan Gunn said...

but what if the boo boo hurts really really bad? Or what if the scab looks like the Virgin Mary? Yeah I guess it was gay. But the point was you still came and read a sixteen year olds blog anyway, like you are interested or something.