I need some self control.

So I was thinking moments ago, I would love to be a more calm of a person, and not so wild and crazy. Now for people my age, being wild and crazy, like jumping on and off of stools is a little more excuseable. But I am not sure wether or not when I grow older I will get more refined or if I will stay the same young Gunn, as opposed to Evan G. Wilson. Its more teen nature to be this way, but wonder if my wild and craziness is something I am going to have to fight when I am older in order to act my age. I see plenty of middle age men act like I do and they are usually youth pastors, which is one of the last things I want to resemble. I just hope I will have a natural calmness and slower going personality (even if it means driving slower on the road and being that old guy). I am a flagmatic so that probably shows a calmness, I guess.


Thomas Banks said...

Wouldn't sweat it too much. Besides, you can't hope to attain to calmness by struggling against nature after it. Like you said, jumping off of stools is excused by age, and as a self-described phlegmatic, said activity will likely become less inviting as the years wear by.

So, good post. There's no need to worry about old guy respecability just yet.

"He that would be a Stoic at sixteen will be an ass at all ages."

-Lord Chesterfield, probably-

Evan Gunn said...

That qoute just made my day. Thanks Tom.