For my lovely sister

Well, as I type this it is my sisters Birthday, and she is now 24 years of age. below is a poem to her I have not thought ahead to write earlier. So it will suck and and by jason standards, it will be gay. but she asked me to.

with never ending curls of soul
one would check up on the table round
stu boys just don't seem to get it
this Michal Michal motorcycle
The finalization of a jazz cd
up and close and beautious
surely hangs with the coolest
and hot chocolate arms with her three.
suddenly out from the blues
comes spontaneous strange noises
to be the only sister
she is the only one to hug.
Happy birthday littol sistol
I have one last thing to say
to be in safety with lynae
is the best way to live.


Michal said...

It's like, the best poem ever, and I love it!!!!

Respectmyauthorita said...

I didnt even read it, because i knew how i would describe it. I didnt even want to experience the feeling that would make me want to call it gay.

Evan G. said...

I'm so glad you understand jason