Constantly Thankful: Hey, a more thinky post

As of a couple years ago I have been realizing how great of a blessing it is for me with the way I live. Top four things I am mostly thankful for.

-A christian family that is "with it".
-A father that is always able to give me a greater understanding.
-My brother Graeme being my best friend.
-And the Lords mercy (an obvious given).

As I am getting older and older it really does show how lucky I am to have grown up the way I have. Looking at my Fathers situation, he had a lot of the same benefits as I have, but with the spirtual belief differences between my father and uncle, it makes me appreciate Graeme so much more.

Having the "with it" christian family is also a great blessing. For one; no matter how much my father makes fun of the youth right in front of them, they all still think he is as awesome as a youth leader. Davis is a New York, well dressed lawyer. Michal is a jazz singer. Graeme is an enlisted rollerblader, and is known as one of the cool people at the skate park, no matter how much he tries to witness to the skate rats.

My father said he had practically won the lottery on life, and I feel like I have received the same. In all its quite redundant but knowing who I am, I know I don't really deserve a lot of this. It is a great example of Gods glory.


Jeff Moss said...

Good thoughts, Gunn.

Evan G. said...

thanks dude.

Lincoln Davis said...

Just to clarify, what do you mean that the differences between father and Uncle Doug make you appreciate Graeme so much more?

Evan G. said...

doug and father are brothers and Graeme and I are as well. I'm just happy Graeme and I have a great relationship.

RespectMyAuthorita said...

not gay.

Michal said...

Gunn!! You are so thinky, I like, I like.

~HeLeN~ said...

good post.