More on child raising

I'm going to start this one off by saying; Jason, if I find one comment on the fact that I am 16 and how it's funny that I am saying this stuff, you would be gay. Here we go.

Some people refuse to spank their child because they think its child abuse. Here is why its not child abuse. When you spank your child, you might think that the kid will hate you. But, in all cases the child will cling to you for comfort. Seems strange, I know. But heres why they would. In its early years, a child has nothing to rely on except its parents. It has no ownership of anything. And so it can only turn to you, the spanker, to receive love and care, even though you just painted its cheeks red.

Of course you can wait to start punishing your child when he is heading into is teen years. That is when your child has an actual personality and has a greater degree of ownership over their own life and possesions. But they are obviously to large to spank, so you would probably ground them. But because they are in their rebelious years they have an easier time finding a loop hole. they could go to their friends house by climbing out a window or by whatever means possible. They just simply have more options to resort to rather than the people who just made them angry.

It is also a common misconception for parents to think that if they spank their child they are
teaching them to "hit". If this were true, which it isn't, all you do is spank them when their hitting is getting out of hand or annoying and tell them that if they keep hitting things or people that you will spank them again.

And that is how you should handle spanking your child, so you don't have to be grounding them ineffectively later in their lives. I am a great example of this. My parents spanked me, and I love them and think they are awesome.


bigbuzz said...

Good advice and a good perspective even you are 16.

Lincoln Davis said...

Good call dude. I think it's also important that the spanking be done out of love, rather than anger, because if it's out of anger, the kid won't feel like he can turn to his parents post-spank, and it will just be communicated as abuse.

Evan Gunn said...

I figured that would be an obvious given, considering the people reading this. But yes I agree.

RespectMyAuthorita said...

I felt the whole post was an obvious given.

Evan Gunn said...

either that jason, or you thought of this stuff before anyone else did.