I'm thinking Arby's

just because you own a local resturaunt doesn't mean your food is better than the corporations. Making it with love doesn't change a thing. First I tried the french dip at Arby's and commended them for a job well done. Then I tried the french dip at Lefty's and it was not so good. I will leave it at that.

When people start a resturaunt, with a secret family recipe for one of their soups, they shouldn't. There is a reason it is a secret family recipe. Because only the family will like it.

When it comes to mexican local resturaunts, its like their mindset is, "More cheese makes everything better!" And so they pile on about a pound of cheese for every burrito. I hope you see my point.


RespectMyAuthorita said...

truth on the arbys, and what not, but falsehood on the mexican. Casa lopez has excellent beans, and excellent chicken in their enchilladas, not too much cheese but very meaty indeed. This is good. Their Fajitas are excellent as well. I have been to mexican resteraunts all over the country, and believe it or not, Lopez is one of the finest. Well the finest at makeing the select few things i eat. I eat fajitas and enchilladas,. i try them everywhere i go, so far nobody has beat the mighty lopez.

Evan G. said...

Well I'll be honest and say that I have only eaten there like once or twice. I bet they are pretty good, but I'm just generally a panzy to mexican food if its not my moms. By the way, you should try my moms enchilladas. I'm not going to say they are better but I will say that you will be pleased.

Matthew N. Petersen said...

For Mexican, Patty's? The others aren't really local like Patty's.

And by the way, your mom's recipes are family recipes. Yes, they are good. Yes she could probably start a business. Or rather, she has started a business. But well, it'd a local family business. And it beats hands-down anything a fast-food Mexican place could do. She actually loves her food, they don't.

Anyway, I'm thinking Big Haus, not Arby's. The French Dip subs we got there were way better than Arby's.

Evan G. said...

Matt I said secret family recipes. They aren't family recipes either. They my moms recipes and she makes them with rationality and logic, not love.

I actually prefer the Arby's ones over my own moms. Call me rebelious.

Matthew N. Petersen said...


When your dad cooks, he makes it with rationality and logic. Your mom makes food with love.

Ibid said...


Arby's prospers because they ride the line between cheap and crap.