I learned how to ride a unicycle. What are the lady possibilities with unicycles. I've heard mixed comments on the matter but I'd thought that I would get your peoples opinions


Lincoln Davis said...

It could have adverse effects on your chix situation. There used to be this guy at the UI who rode a unicycle everywhere, and I don't think the chix thought he was hot. However, if sported in the right non-chalant way, it could be good. Michal, you have any thoughts?

Evan G. said...

Actually I ran into this "red bull" car that drives around the area and gives out free red bulls. It was being driven by two very good looking blondes that wanted to take their picture with me because I was riding my unicycle. It was pretty cool and I got to hug one of them and I helped her on to the unicycle for another picture. Just thought I would tell the story.