Just an observation

Please correct me if I'm wrong. If you are nerdy and own an xbox 360 and halo 3, it just makes you nerdier. But if you are awesome (like Jason) and you own the xbox 360 and halo 3, it just makes you cooler. If someone has an expalanation as to why this is please do tell.


RespectMyAuthorita said...

If you are a king, then whatever you touch turns to gold like midas. If you are nerd king, it works the same way, whatever you touch turns into boogerey pocketprotectors. I however will not buy halo3 nor a 360 because i dont see how 3 can be any better than 2. The graphics on the 360 arent that much better than the xbox. And the halo3 itself probably has a few new weapons maps etc, but is virtually the same. so i will keep my xbox and halo2 and rock that. But as for my ps3, it blows all other systems out of the water graphically and in every respect. But if i were to get an xbox360 it would turn to gold, and it would be rad. I guess to address your wondering more simply; If you are rad or are perceived to be rad, you set trends, you do whatever you want, and you make it rad with confidence, and the "no care" value if people dogg you for it. If they do dogg you, they will recant it because everyone else thinks you are rad for doing something that doesnt "follow the grain".

Matthew N. Petersen said...

Dude Jason,

Your ps3 is better graphiscally that a wii, but wii's are way better.

And do you really prefer halo2 to halo? Multiplayer may be better, but single player is way better on 1.

And I don't think there was ever a halo2 Red v. Blue.

Matthew N. Petersen said...


It may be the way you carry yourself about it. If you're a geek and get into something you get into it in a geeky way. If you're cool, you get into something in a cool way. I don't know that its having Halo3 that makes one more geeky or cooler, but how they handle having it.

Its like your grandfather says. If there is nothing but geek inside someone, when they do halo3 geek comes out. If there is nothing but cool inside them, when they do halo3 cool comes out.

RespectMyAuthorita said...

matt, wiis suck and all the games are cartooney. If i wanted to swing a racket around like a bafoon, i would go outside with friends to a tennis court. the wii would be great for kids, maybe, but being outside may be better for them anyway. The wii is at best, really interesting technology, but nothing i would want, or serious gamers want. Take a look at the new game Assassins Creed, for ps3, and tell me how the wii can match that. on top of that, that game doesnt even claim to use a fraction of the graphics the ps3 is capable of. that is tight. Halo 2 is better than 1 because nobody plays the singleplayer. Everyone is about the multi, everyone i know, just gets together to have huge matches. so i guess 2 is better for that.

Evan G. said...

I'm with Jason. Matt, you are obviously sticking up for your sister in this. I've seen her play wii, and it just does not grab me as anymore fun than of any other game system. In a sense, a wii is for people who kind of suck at normal video games. Because all they have to do is swing their wrist at the tv screen. Their brains can obviously not think of pressing two buttons at once. Basically, its a dumbed down gamecube with less buttons.

Halo 2 is probably not much different than 3. You only play single player once and then your done and you never revisit it. Thats why everyone only plays multiplayer.

red vs. blue is not that funny, but has its times.