Car comercials

If you watch T.V. enough you might notice a car comercial pass by. I notice that they tend to go like this. "What is a car before it becomes a car? Is it metal in a factory? Or is it something revolutionary? The new Kia Sadona." Do you see what I mean? What happened there? Its like they were trying to be profound or something.

Port shost Davis. Sorry, its all I could think of on the spot.


Andrew Michael Jacobs said...


Dating... Is lame. People tell me that I should start dating in my teen years because I need to use the "experience" for future relationships and to learn how to handle them. There is something wrong in saying that. Thats saying that you know your relationship wont last because you don't want it to. What if the person that was dating you wanted to go as far as marriage but you didn't because you were doing for the experience? Thats lying. Isn't the point of dating because you love a person and feel like you can spend the rest of your life with them. People then say to me, "But Gunn, how else are you going to get experience." There is more than one way to get the experience. WISDOM! You don't only get wisdom from trial and error. So I believe that people only say they date for experience because they want the "Experience of Love".

Here is what I think. Why do you need experience to handle relationships as if you will be having many romantic beginnings in your life and you need to be a pro at the dating thing. You know, you know how to handle the first 6 months of a dating relationship really well. What about getting good at lifetime relationships. There is only one way to practice that - to get married to someone for life. I see it like this, you will have your whole life to get the relationship just perfect with your wife and it will be awesome to work through it all together. Better than carrying a bunch of crap with you from past relationships into your marriage. People say it is practice but I think it is an exercise in heartbreak and stupidity masquerading as love. Love is giving yourself away to someone for life.

Andrew Michael Jacobs said...

You know, you know.

Lincoln Davis said...

Thanks for the post, Gunn. I agree with you - it's like car commercials are trying to sell you a sense of intellectualism and sophistication along with your cheap upholstery and moonroof. They used to just advertise functionality and aesthetics, but now it's trying to be cerebral too. Preposterous.

RespectMyAuthorita said...

what posers.