Love Letters

To Vicky -Link
"As you wish" cliche' may seem,
But Victoria's love, insubordinate's loss.
And if for other's love you deem,
Bring crusades to you as like the cross.

To your service,


To Vicky -

At once when we had parted ways,
Your letters grew in length and mass.
So p'raps Victoria's love I may,
Take it full or leave it pass.

Formerly ignorant of thy love,


To Stu -

How may I say with gracious response,
Of your kind, but grovelling tone;
That once I fell for your sweet ringing saunce,
A spine to be had, a submission of drones.

To be taken or left, with respect,


To Steve -

All at once by surprise you took,
My committed love, and received my honor.
Your gallantry met with no lustful look,
I exalt you high for not being the fawner.

At you will and discretion,

By Evan Gunn Wilson

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