The Monarch of God to His Enemy

The war and battles achieved no less,
Than to present the world that you are my guest.
To strike fear in their minds with the damage we wake,
And remind their empire that I may take.

The men of my army do salute at my presence,
And love to serve in our most brutish events.
The wives of my men see their provision,
So, their love for them coincides my vision.

Though, my dastardly vision! What shall I call it?
Daring world conquest, but the gnostics had fought it.
Those devilish "lovers", our conscience they tease,
They'll equalize all and then dub it peace.

I smote them down; their ideals lay in graves,
So thy only hope is to pray to him who saves.
I have no boundary. I have no wall,
That I am monarch, the be all end all.

Frankly, I suggest you surrender soon,
So come to me, or you'll die at noon.
I'll be waiting here for my God's command,
For he made gods as no other can.

Sincerely, in great respect and love,
Your Plague

By Evan Gunn Wilson

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