Discussion of Politics

A snarky utterance and voices brawl,
So the game goes for politics call.
If someone there refuses to speak,
He does this merely since he is weak.

Though he may say he is above the game,
As gnostics do to put men to shame.
He struts and tilts his nose at thee,
Suggesting that thy mind's not free.

To disapprove he will shake his head,
And so many a man's face turns to red.
He says the game applies not to us,
Though in his governors he giveth trust.

Remember he has a pretentious grave,
That denies the wisdom of nation's rave.
For he is affected when the country's at war,
And dies by that as ignorance before.

The men of the middle, desire to know,
Why we are great with progress to grow.
Those who reject this knowledge at hand,
Be banished for life from the gambled land.

We may not change our governor's decision,
But our sound view grants us provision.
The LORD has said, "Pray for your kings",
how shall we, unknowing what it brings?

By Evan Gunn Wilson

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