Evanus Rex

Friends, Americans, countrymen.
Listen if you please.
Now I'll speak as a gentleman,
To make thy hearts unfreeze.

I come to you with a suggestion of mine,
For your minds to sway.
And I implore you all to be so kind,
To abide by me today.

The issues concerns our politics,
A heavy thought to all.
And it may bring in a matter of ethics,
Questioning moral calls.

Democracy dwindles in all three branches,
Presidents always a guess.
Congress corrupt in power dances,
Dumb peasants don't confess.

So hear I state the remedy I bring,
To end all this confusion.
Lay down your arms and make me king,
Be rid of equals delusion.

I do not say this to solely benefit me,
To put myself in power.
But when the army backs this authority,
The wrong before me cower.

By Evan Gunn Wilson


J. Hedges said...

And when you die, and your mourners sing,
Who will govern then?
A rarity you are, O King,
To find you once is a happy chance;
Your thundering flash may not appear again.

For tyrants lie in wait for your wisdom-founded throne
And if your son be Solomon,
Your son's son may be Rehoboam.
Your dictations are the law, my liege
But who will legislate when you no longer breathe?

And when you cross the borders to lead our sons in war,
As is fitting for a monarch,
Which Justiciar shall hold the floor?
Your presence here is our peace, good Prince,
What statues enforce royal will in your absence?

Evan Gunn said...

A corrupt congress is a weighty thing,
A harder fix to be won.
But if it is a only a malicious King,
We can hope for a better son.

J. Hedges said...

What uncertain doom we face, O King
to lay upon our sons:
If rebelling against three hundred tyrants,
We elect a "maybe none".