Tragedy of Raleigh Excerpt

This is only one segment of the play. It is not even a completed scene. But for back story's sake this starts after Raleigh had just been denied by the Queen to continue his colonization of America. Enjoy.

Raleigh: Am I not meant to be the hand of prosperity for England? Am I to be content with the current borders of my nation? Though willing I am to submit to this ironic destiny that torments and mocks my attributed gift of uselessness, it is a rough belief for the mind of a sea fairer. Destiny or not, it is administered through my Gloriana, may she prosper if she allow me; may I take from the Spaniards to proffer the fair virgin extensive rule. But here I wait to exist in the court; safe from the dangers of the foreign. She has given me a safety that many would value; working their bones dry to buy the insurance of Queen Bess so their brittle features may retire and expire to rust, with old age as the only evidence to show they once embraced peril. I am not what those men are for they do not count their former lives all joy. How might the farmer cultivate the land if his wife fears injury of the outside world; she treats him as if there were no inside dangers to be reckoned with. But this complaint, I find, is wholly unwarranted. What else should I have expected from the Monarch Queen? She has the motherly instinct that cannot be bargained with. She is a good ruler; nay, a great ruler! Though I see a shrinking of her from voyage and conquest, the competence of her present rule is pleasing. And to know of the security of England is more than what I could have wished.

[enter Peter]

Peter: What news, Captain?

Raleigh: Nothing of which to speak, Peter.

Peter: I take that we will be docked here for the coming months by the order of the Queen.

Raleigh: I will find this as my setting for the coming months and likely longer, as the Queen desires my presence in the court. But you Peter, do not keep yourself here on my behalf. You may feel free to seek out another captain to sail with.

Peter: It would be hard, sir. I don't think I could bring myself to do such a thing. I can't really imagine a better captain than yourself.

Raleigh: I am happy to see your loyalty; so do whatever it is you please; I have no say. I hope we may sail together again. But I must be off. Fair well!

Peter: Goodbye, Sir!

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