A Poem for Creed

The Citizen Who Thought He Was King

You may shout of ideal rights,
With police enforcement here to grow.
But have you seen a riot call fights,
They all are heathens who are born so low.
You may say you have solemn thoughts,
Creating a witness thereto fore.
When all the others are casting lots,
Of who next in power you shall abhor.
You are rippin', rollin', rantin' now,
When the masters breached their vow.
By the time your rebellion affects the mind,
A wicked soul you'll regrettably find.

Larger governments will have their poor ways,
Thus ensuing a loss of wits
But is this reason enough to say,
Licensed tantrums and kicking fits.
"The vow! The vow!", you'll cry and moan,
"Their justice shall be served!"
Though justice applies to you alone,
Your sentence made unnerved.
You are cringing, crying, crowing now,
As the masters amended the vow.
While I lay low and enjoy the attack,
Content with the smarts my leaders do lack.

By Evan Gunn Wilson


Anonymous the Younger said...

I say sir, you have started to take this poetic tussle seriously. Bravo! Much better than your shoddy earlier efforts. Keep it up!

J. Hedges said...

If I, the self-promoting speaker for the gallery of peanuts may invoke the wordcraft of a TRUE poet (though I'm unworthy):

"For forms of government let fools contest. Whatever is best administered is best."