Evan Gunn Wilson's Bottom Ten!

This list is dedicated to those inane things in life that I feel antagonist towards. It was made on the spot.

10. Getting the seat belt caught in the door.

9. The inattentiveness to the art of conversation and debate.

8. Corrective nerds; these people take away all the magic left in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek by reminding you of a misconception adopted by society.

7. When people pressure you to try a food and you are fairly certain you will dislike it. Yes, I know you just want to improve the quality of my life but if you could take my no as no that would also improve the quality of my life.

6. Watery ketchup.

5. Making fun of the easily made fun of. Shall we develop a higher brow of humor by skipping over the Justin Beibers of this world? Yes.

4. Assuming that since McDonalds and Taco Bell don't serve actual food, that it tastes bad as well. Get over yourselves.

3. Comments that go , "haha." How am I supposed to interpret that?

2. Pretending you are above arguing politics. You are actually just scared you are wrong.

1. Bulverisms.


JD said...

You just don't like bulverisms 'cause you're white!

Caleb said...


CDJT said...

So you don't believe in pressuring people to try new foods, and yet three lines down you tell your readers to "get over [them]selves" for not wanting to go to McDonald's?

Evan Gunn said...

Creed, the assumption made has to do with their post-modern idea of fast food. They say things like, "I only eat fresh food."

I base my rejection of the food on its smell, as well as previous experiences with specific things in the food.