A Conversation Between God and the "Christian" Soul


Father, I pray that wisdom I may obtain,
To be of good thought, my mind be clear.
Let it be known this request I do not feign,
And so from my god, I hope to soon hear.

Father, I pray you will answer me now!
My faith is weakened to deny your love.
Tho', I'll wait once more to find; and how,
Shall thee prove to me, my thoughts to move.

Oh God! A fool I have blatantly been,
To believe in thy goodness, a folly.
I demand thee no more, singing no hymn,
I know there's no god that's holy.


You wicked soul, have you been so blind?
Why are you deserving my reply?
I see no faith, so leave you behind,
Your many words do not answers buy.

There was only faith to find in thy mind,
Any logician can make this claim.
But heart faith is the necessary kind,
You treated this as a mere game.

To you I say, and hope for answer,
That double mind may be single later.
And My grace to you that I will transfer,
By this you'll know, you're Judas, a traitor.

By Evan Gunn Wilson

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