A Mild Cigar

How sweet to me is the breath of the sea,
And the seaman's cheerful song!
How soothing is sleep, on the mighty deep,
When the ship glides calmly along!
But sweeter to me, and more soothing far,
Is the fragrant breath of my mild cigar!

In the dim twilight of an autumn night,
A walk in the country lane,
When Nature fair wafts her censer there,
Refreshes the soul again;
But all my peace and delight 'twould mar
To walk there minus a mild cigar!

I love to go thro' the frost and snow,
When the air is crisp and clear,
To the Serpentine, with a flask of wine,
To skate with my Katie dear;
But tho' dear to me these pleasures are,
The dearest still is the mild cigar!

J. Reginald Owen.

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