A Few Reasons Why Time Does Not Exist.

  • 1. Have you seen it? "But Gunn, that same argument is used by atheists against God." Yes, that is true but God is actually in my life. Has time operated in your life really, or have convinced yourself that the regular rotations of the planets around the sun is time? Has it occurred to you that they are just in regular motion and that is what God has given us so that we may make plans for a later date?

  • 2. Say time does exist. How do you suppose then that our Father is Eternal. An existence of time would require a beginning in which God begins. Does the existence of time mean that there is a predetermined future to happen? Are the actions of God also predetermined by Time? Is time more powerful than God? The answer is NO.

  • 3. "Easy fix for the last one Gunn; God is outside of time and only we live inside of it." So, God exists outside of time because he created it, and so he is looking down on us and seeing the whole span of time from the beginning to the end because God is omnipotent. So he is browsing the eras and then He comes to the reign of Tiberius and notices that his Son, Jesus Christ, is still there on the cross. Why is Jesus still on the cross, and especially why has He not yet ascended to heaven. Every action anyone has ever done or will do is on that time-line happening over and over and there is no end to it. We are always sinning on this time-line. This time-line assumes predetermination as a truth, but I will not mention that, unless people start asking for it.

I'm sorry, but I could not resist telling you what is up.


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The man looked down on the boy and said, "Fool, you are so far from the truth." The boy turned his head upward from the shame of his age and replied, "What then elder made you so wise?" "I am wise," said the man, "for I have conversed with many wise men." The boy replied, "I too have conversed with many rich men, yet I am not rich."


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More hilarious/less adorable.