A Boy's Essay On Tobacco

Tobacco grows something like a. cabbage, but I never saw one cooked, though I have heard men say that cigars given them on election day were mostly cabbage leaves. Tobacco stores are mostly kept by wooden injuns, who stand at the door and fool little boys by offering them a bunch of cigars, which is glued into the Injun's hands, and is made of wood also. I tried to smoke a cigar once and I felt like Epsom salts.

Tobacco was invented by a man named Walter Raleigh. When people first saw him smoking they thought he was a steamboat and was frightened. My sister Naiwy is a girl. I don't know whether she likes tobacco or not. There is a young man named Larry who comes to see her. He was standing on the steps one night and he had a cigar in his mouth, and said he didn't know as she would like it, and she said: " Larry, the perfume is agreeable." But when my big brother Tom lighted his pipe Nancy said: " Get out of the house, you horrid creature; the smell of tobacco makes me sick." Snuff is Injun meal made out of tobacco. I took a little snuff once, then I sneezed.

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