Atheist's Description of Love

E. Say good Chris, I have little unanswered,
But here is a topic of thought.
Some have it platonic others enamored;
What be Love? Your conclusion bought.
C. Dear Evan I see your search of truth,
'Tis well you came for unbiased mind.
The existence has no evidence, I see uncouth
Belief in it be for the simplest kind.
And so here is love from where I see;
Effect no senses, it shall never be.
E. But Kindest Chris, I love thee so
Supposedly, I'd seen it in action.
By many I met, in them it grows,
Who might loved first, 'tis gaining traction.
C. So be it now, to love is what you claim?
For now I'll take it as well.
Selfish wants for what people aim,
Pain and evil undeniably swell.
And so here is love from where I see;
For other's good, it shall never be.
E. Raw is the reason, Chris, I see it now,
Many inclined to you and steadfast stay,
But, I not yet to this idea bow.
With selfless love, how deal today?
C. Then be it not a selfish desire,
The discussions end is finally found.
Love is now chemicals, and none the higher;
In mind it controls, unfortunate bound!
And so here is love, from where I know,
In study of man, this science will grow.
E. Presently now given fool! You'll find any hole,
To avoid what I know, hammered in thy head.
I'll tell not thee of love, unless it's goal,
What say mind's love, for soon the body is dead.

And so here is love, outside of present poem,
It is our LORD, and should be our home.

-Evan G. Wilson