Black bond...?

So I saw news that they are considering to have the next james bond be black. Added to this they are considering Mr. Sean Puffy Combs to play the character. From what I believe, I think they are just suggesting him because he his rich, famous, respected (by his intern assistants as displayed on his hit t.v. show "I want to work for Diddy") and dare I say it, he is as well black.

Anybody else want to say something about this because I don't want to get hunted down and sniped. One thing I will say that I think wont end up being a racist comment is that I don't think he could off a sweet british accent. Rabble on


Notes from the Underground said...

If Othello is played by a white guy, one should take offense?

True False

Evan Gunn said...

I'm not take offense. it was more of a vague suggestion to not do so as it might ruin the character. but i was mostly suggesting that they not cast p. diddy.

Ibid said...

P.Diddy? Heck no. Someone like Djimon Hounsou? Heck yes. A hot African Brit with slightly tortured history/ethical conflicts/etc would actually be an awesome character. I bet a lot of chicks would want to check that out.

A flat and undeveloped Bond who just happens to be black would be sort of stupid, though.