Vain Pride

I've noticed that if you grew up with 90's grunge music like Nirvana or Pearl Jam, you might have lots of pride for that. Or I just work with a bunch of people who are way to prideful of there generations music. It just seems that those people will try and use every chance they get to let me know they grew up with grunge, and they know who pearl jam is. This is getting on my nerves, because this isn't that great of music at all. I was hoping people would elaborate any thoughts on this.

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RespectMyAuthorita said...

Nirvana was rad grunge. It was some good rock, dave g was best on the drums.

pearl jam on the other hand sucks. I found like 1 or 2 good songs out of hundreds they wrote. You cant understand the lead singer and the songs are way boring.

Grunge was just a brief period in time where people were happy they could keep wearing their favorite jeans that got a hole in the knee, and not take showers while listening to pearl jam. I think it was just an era of sloppy music. But it was also in the middle of some of the greatest music made. the 90's had some of the greatest rock. 3eb,Nirvana,OLP,Bush,Delamitri,Goo GOO dolls(before they went gay),Collective soul(as well before gayness set in)

I think the grunge side of things kinda pushed a lot of bands to be more raw rock, then when it passed you see googoo dolls making gay acoustic albums, and then you see collective soul making "blender" which was essentially throwing 5 gay musicians in a blender and making a butts-and-weiners smoothey.