Wingers and stuff

I have forgotten to comunicate to people through this Blog that I am not working at Tri-state and never actually was. I am now working at (and have been for two months now) Wingers.

Today I was sitting outside on my break waiting for Graeme to come pick me up. I saw a family pull up and park their car. As they walked inside I saw a very ugly daughter, a very hot daughter, an obese mother, and a convict looking dad with tattoos of all four members of kiss around his ankles. They were the most interesting party of relations I have seen.

Then after my second shift, I saw a blue bus full of what appeared to be convicts, park and walk into wingers. They were clearly not convicts, but they were obviously trying to comunicate that image with the blue bus with grates over the windows.

By the way you wont see me up front, because I am cooking in the back.

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