Busy (In my standards at least)

I have a lot of stuff going on this summer. Here is a list of things:

-Summer school. I am just trying to make my senior year as easy as possible.

-Summer Bible Study. I am hosting one so its not something I am aloud to miss or forget once in a while.

-School Summer Shakespeare Play. I am doing it again, for the play The Taming of the shrew. I am playing as Gremio, suitor to Bianca.

-Advertising the Play. I have been signed up to do that.

-Wingers. I will be working there, to pay my car insurance and cellphone bill.

-Possible Senior Trip. I will be attempting to save up money for a senior trip to head to some european country, most likely Italy. But the class is still not sure if we are going to do it.

-Bad Juju. Is now our official band name. I have not mentioned this band before because I was a scared Little girl self-conscious of what everybody thinks of me. . .oh and Jason. We are: Graeme on vocals, Nate Olson on lead guitar, Jd Morrow on bass, and myself on drums. Don't worry Jason, I will be hopefully taking some more lessons from Bill Hebert. Also Jason, if you have anything to say about starting a band please speak.

-Next Skate video. Graeme and I have been working on the next skate video and taking our time. We take our time because there is a lot to do. We aren't just making skate sections for this one because thats what we did for the last Two. We are adding some comedic skits in between these sections so people wont get as bored. We haven't even started editing, have just been mineing for clips.

-Skate Trip. This is what makes up for us not going to the barn burner. we will hopefully leave after Graeme gets back for is two week long annual training and we either head to Seattle or Portland or maybe both.

So I am excited for this summer to get a lot of this out of the way.


Lincoln Davis said...

Sounds like you have a pretty rad summer ahead of you. Looking forward to hearing Bad Juju. Also, don't go to Italy for your senior trip; it smells bad there. Germany kicks way more butt.

Evan Gunn said...

Sounds like you have had some experiences there. But i don't think one vote on it will get us there.

andrew said...

You left out the most important thing! ... Ultimate Frisbee?!?

Evan Gunn said...

well, that isn't as much of a have to do thing. So no more complaining if I don't show!