this just made up for us not going to the barn burner

Graeme recieved a message from a youtube account that a group of pro-rollerbladers are coming through to pullman for a tour of skating in which they will release a video with. Along with this news they also asked him (noticing he was from this area) if he would be able to show them around this area for skate spots. So Graeme soiled himself. Great news for us indeed. Jason if you can't understand why we are excited about a bunch of no namers, imagine if metalica were coming to town to hang out with you and they were an underground band. Its that rad for us.


Michalangela said...


RespectMyAuthorita said...

Metallica has 2 L's in it. In case you wondered how to spell it. I also cant imagine that. I cant imagine liking an underground band. usually they are that way because they suck and nobody wants to hear them above ground.

Evan Gunn said...

you must not have a very good imagination, Jason. You know you should be an english teacher.