Me and my not beard, and the winter wonders

So I shaved. Let me know if you like me better with or without facial hair.
This is the giant icycle thats supposed to happen every winter, but it hasn't been this big in a while. I can't remember seeing it this big.
This is the bigest I have seen this one get.

different angle.

I also have no school tommorow. Because of the ski trip my school was going to go on but it got canceled. I wasn't going to go either way.


Lincoln Davis said...

You're lookin' studly, dude. But learn to rotate your pictures before you post them.

Evan Gunn said...

I know how, but I thought you had enough muscle to angle your head according to the climate.

Michal said...

Gunn, I like the not beard, I think you look more sensitive, which is really what the ladies are looking for. Or, if you can at least fake sensitive, you've got it made.