More with my good friend Stalone.

So I have concluded I do agree with Sylvester Stallone's statement in the previous post, "War will happen naturally, and peace comes by accident". But I would like to add more to the philosophy.

Some people would think, "No, if you work hard enough you can create peace". The problem there is that will always take negotiating. When a mother wants peace in her house because her child is crying about everything, she can either negotiate with the child by giving it what it wants and have it notice it that it can get everything it wants by crying then the crying never stops. Or if you take child and spank it till the day is old then it realizes that if it continues to cry, it gets spanked.

So if we try to negotiate to peace and it happens, it wont stick. There is always some one there to cry or drop bombs. Or if you make it know that America can kick its sorry butt any day of the week it will stop.

Any thoughts on how to raise your child or run a country?


RespectMyAuthorita said...

yah, my thought is, i like educating myself on war and childrearing from a 17 year old. Good times.

Evan G. said...