Dating for Experience...

Is lame. People tell me that I should start dating in my teen years because I need to use the "experience" for future relationships and to learn how to handle them. There is something wrong in saying that. Thats saying that you know your relationship wont last because you don't want it to. What if the person that was dating you wanted to go as far as marriage but you didn't because you were doing for the experience? Thats lying. Isn't the point of dating because you love a person and feel like you can spend the rest of your life with them. People then say to me, "But Gunn, how else are you going to get experience." There is more than one way to get the experience. WISDOM! You don't only get wisdom from trial and error. So I believe that people only say they date for experience because they want the "Experience of Love".


RespectMyAuthorita said...

K, you and davis dont know what the hell you are talking about on this point. What you are saying sounds all nice but its crap. The purpose of dating around is to get familiar with the opposite sex, to know how to catch a "fish". Look how much trouble davis is having, "no offense davis", ok fine "offense". But dating around gives you more confidence. Davis and others i know "Claim" not having a girlfriend yet is because they havent found the right one yet. but its because they have no experience speaking on a higher level than 'friends' with the opposite sex. Making that first step past friendship has now become very difficult for them. Knowing how a woman wants to be handled,both physically and mentally is important. Its just like playing sports, you practice a little so you can go out and play with your buddies. Im not advocating going out and making out with tons of chicks and dating as many women as you possibly can,(although that is rad, and so am i). But having a highschool girlfriend or two isnt harmful. And dont give me the bull about playing with a womans emotions when there is no intent for marriage. because a) she chooses to put herself out there just like you, b) good and bad come from it like anything you do. c)a woman will get hurt over a dog dying or a movie. d)part of getting over a failed relationship, teaches you a lot about yourself, and what you do and dont want.

lastly, without dating chicks, you dont know what women are really like. Being friends is one thing, but women will act a lot different when they are "yours" and this is an interesting thing to see and know about. A lot of men are blindsided when they get married because they marry the first girl they date, and had no idea what they got into, because they didnt date and dont know what women are like after they become "comfortable" with a man after dating him. The romance dies, she gets secure and changes into a more cloistered independant woman.

also you can never say you are dating someone you will never marry, because you just dont know. I never thought i would marry one of the first girls i dated, and i did. I snagged the girl gunn wanted. because my muscles are three times his size, and im also damn good looking.

Evan G. said...

I never even said that it is wrong to date during highschool years. I have nothing against that. that wasn't even the point of this blog. But because teenagers are retards(and I don't mind including myself in that) they don't know how to handle a relationship. But if you wait and observe you can get off to at least a good start, and become wiser. Jason, in sports you don't practice in a game, you practice when there are no points to be lost. Football players don't go to the super bowl without having practiced, and just say that they will practice during the game.

Dude living with THE Evan Wilson I know full well how women work. I owe it to him and of coarse the Toa of Steve.

And for the record, I don't beleive that dating for experience is completely morally wrong and that the bible says its bad, I just think its lame.

RespectMyAuthorita said...

It's the Tao of steve not the toa.
No offense to evan almighty, but i dont believe he is a fully legitimate authority on women. Im willing to bet i dated more women and understand quite a bit more about them. I will say that he has more years and much more wisdom on the marriage end of dealing with women having counseled other men and being married for quite some time. But there is a big part of understanding the actual psyche of a woman by having them invest and bear their heart and soul to you. And dont tell me that i didnt get the point of your post. If you learned to be a little more clear for a highschooler it would make more sense.And if you include yourself in the "Retards" of highschool, then you basically denounce any intelligence on the issue.On that whole sports scenario, of course nobody practices in the game. You are assuming that dating is the "game" and you shouldnt practice. Im saying practicing is dating, marriage is the game/ superbowl. you and davis claim you know how women work, because of your dads knowledge. Until you have had a girlfriend and dealt with bitchiness, a womans time of the month, emotional stress, her issues/baggage, you know absolutely jack about women. experience is everything, other than that all you have is theories, and a few stories that were shared with you by a married man.

Evan G. said...

dude, my dad started dating at age 15. He knows how they work more than you think.

I only included myself in highschool retards because I know you would have sooner or later. Let me help you out. I am a fag. I'm gay and I don't know what I am talking about. Does that make you feel good that you can burn a 15 year old in arguements.

Isn't the point of dating because of love. I don't mean to sound like a wuss but dude come on. The reason why I know that I can have a successful marriage with the first person I date is because I will find the person who I am able to work with easily. Again excuse the wussyness of my statements. Do my parents seem at all like they are similar. They aren't. But they found that they work well with each other.

With the sports thing. first they practice, then they go to the play offs, then if Shaun Alexander is rad enough, who is a christian, goes to the super bowl.

You're gay.

RespectMyAuthorita said...

I had a full time job and was feeding 3 kids when i was 15, and i feel great when i burn anyone regardless of age. The point of dating is to find a woman, not love. Women want love, men want poontang.(call me if you need clarification on that word). Gunn its good you have confidence about finding a woman. You and your brothers seem to have this awesome goal to marry the first one you date. This provides 2 possibilites for the 3 of you boys. 1) she is the one for you, and you marry her, mission accomplished. or 2) She isnt right for you, so you either A) try hard to make it work, marry her because your pride wont let you break up with the first woman you date to keep your "integrity", or B) You dump her and make the most logical realistic conclusion that, very few marry the first one they date, because you cant know a woman, until you date her and get past that friends barrier. I cant wait to laugh at the three of you, not out of spite, but just for kicks in seeing the failure of wilson theories in action.