This is just a reminder. It isn't wrong to discriminate people for something they can change. If we don't let non-christians live in our boarding house it isn't a bad thing, because they are able .to change that. If we didn't let black people live in our home that would be bad discrimination, because its something they aren't able to change. there is a pattern to this.


RespectMyAuthorita said...

I would understand it, if it was that way for business reasons. Like it deterred Christian residents. But if it was that way for comfortability i guess i would think it was illegitimate discrimination. Seems like a good way to promote outreach, but who knows.

Nolan said...

It is not the ability to change a trait that defines the legitimacy of "discrimination." If a black person could change their skin color this would not legitimize racism any more than the existance of a sex change operation legitimizes gender discrimination. It is the metaphysical value of the trait iself inserted into or barred from a given situation which determines the good or evil of such "discriminations."